Ep. 13 Michelle Gano – Connecting with Kids

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If you’re an overwhelmed mom, the number one way to get some relief is not what you might think.  Self care is great, but it’s not just going to the spa and getting a pedicure.  There are other things we can do to get not just self care, but also to connect with our kids.  And, stacking functions to get the most out of your time is another huge bonus to parenting life.

Michelle and I sat down to talk about actionable tips moms can do to connect with their kids and get some relief from that overwhelm.  Listen during nap time or after the kids go down for bed.

Michelle Gano is a mom of 3, a coach, an author, and a former teacher. She created the Fixer Upper Parenting Course, which helps parents improve tough behavior while also helping their child feel seen, heard, and loved. She has seen it all when it comes to challenging behaviors and getting through stressful days. That’s why her mission is to help parents go from feeling tired of their kids not listening to feeling proud of their child’s behavior. The childhood years go by quickly. It’s time to enjoy them to the max!

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