Hocus Pocus as a Parenting Guide with Genavieve Moyer

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Recorded in September 2022 and published two months later. Sorry for the delay, folks!

Today I am joined by Genavieve Moyer on the eve of the new Hocus Pocus movie.  We sat down on Facebook Live to chat about one of our favorite cult movies from the 80s/90s, Hocus Pocus, as any Gen-X adult would.  We put our own spin on what it would be like if we used Hocus Pocus as an actual parenting guide.

We talked about moms supporting moms, creating our own magic potions, adventuring kids and life skills.

Genavieve is dedicated to acknowledging the connection we have as women to the land, to create, and to transform. The Thunderbird Farm, PA is a indigenous woman-led and equality focused small business. Support us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, go glamping, or purchase our teas and handcrafted products. You can find Genavieve and learn more about their family farm, using teas for women’s wellness, or learn new crafty sewing and handcraft techniques by following her on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook @thunderbirdfarmpa

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