Episode 7- Finding Your Breath with Esther Nagle

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Today’s episode is when I got to chat with Esther Nagle about using Yoga to be able to function through her ADHD symptoms by using her breath and movement. Esther lives in the U.K. and found herself using alcohol to self medicate her ADHD.  Then she found Yoga to help heal herself and get sober.  Another fun episode where I had a great conversation.with a really cool woman. I can’t believe how much I laughed during this conversation with Esther.

Esther and I talked about her diagnosis as an adult, her son’s ADHD and finding a doctor who will listen to you. We dive into her Yoga practice and her misconceptions and what she learned in a short span of time, that she knew nothing at all. She also gives us tips for helping our own children find their breath and moving more; and connecting with our kids.

Esther’s book, Bent Back Into Shape

“I can control my thoughts and that is such a valuable skill for people with ADHD”

“You can control your emotional state through your breath”