Episode 11 – Victoria D

Episode 11

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Join my friend, Victoria D, and I as we talk a little bit of woo and a little bit of practicality when it comes to raising a child with ADHD.  Victoria has ADHD and we discuss how she grew up with ADHD with lots of laughs, crystal peddling, and cats.  Victoria doesn’t hold back, she’s honest that it takes effort to pick up the life skills in order to adapt as a neuro-divergent person in a non-divergent world. And my biggest take away from this isn’t just that we should teach our children the basics, but also, how to think critically that if this thing over here isn’t working, how can we teach our children to adapt and recognize the need to pivot?

One of Victoria D’s solutions to her own ADHD is the gift of being able to see the world through a child’s eyes.  Her ADHD allows her opportunities to explore the life she is living instead of putting herself into a box and being stuck there.

Victoria is “a square peg who comfortably sits in the round hole.” Never one to sit still, she has embraced her ADHD abilities and found a way to make her neural diversity work for her by exploring her world with great wonder. This has enabled her to open up many doors to opportunities that always seem to pop up out of nowhere. As a result, she has often identified herself confidently as a “multi-hyphenate.” She considers herself, first and foremost, a creative alchemist. She can turn any situation in front of her into whatever is needed in that moment. She is a fervent believer in personal responsibility, universal law, everyday enlightenment, and grounding into your own personal source point and moving and creating your life from there. Responding to her humanness with grace and compassion which allows her to explore who she is at a deeper soul level and likes to help others do the same. As an extension of all that, she mentors spiritual entrepreneurs and business owners to navigate the challenges and successes that may come along and offers insights and guidance when needed. She also a graphic designer/layout artist, animal spirituality & energy facilitator, tarot reader (for business), and her most recent role… radio presenter and podcast creator. She is currently producing, creating, and hosting a radio program in the UK as well as co-producing, co-creating, and co-hosting a popular podcast.

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